The Lich Ark: Renegade

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The Lich Ark: Renegade

Inläggav Saintspirit » 21 mar 2012, 20:42

Mitt mane-projekt just nu är en fic med titeln The Lich Ark: Renegade. Dock händer det lite för ofta att uttrycken jag använder inte riktigt stämmer med den engelska grammatiken, utan snarare är direktöversatta svenska uttryck. Så, skulle man kunna be om viss korrigering i kapitlen (planerar att så småningom skicka den till EqD när jag skrivit flera kapitel, men nu får ni ju läsa det först)?

Kort sagt, jag ber om proofreading. :pp2: Detta är första kapitlet.
Tags: [Adventure] [Shipping*] [Sad]
Drake walked into his and Colour Prism’s cabin. The orange-coated, red-maned earth pony was surprisingly tired; normally Prism, being a unicorn, would be the first to retire of the two. Their trip on the M/S Winterwind had so far been wonderful, and Drake saw no indications of it ending, but now he needed to sleep. He sighed as he saw the paintbrushes lying on the bed; despite being of a relatively noble family, Colour Prism had little sense of order. However, that was in some way also a little charming. Drake put them on the table beside the small easel she had brought and then lied down, not bothering to brush his teeth. As he turned to his right in the bed he looked at the case, containing the engagement necklace he had bought just two days before the journey - it was made from silver, beautifully shaped like the Eye of Horsus, with an octagonal borealite gem socketed in the middle. Drake closed his eyes and thought about how it would be when he proposed to her, and then chuckled as he thought about a text he had read earlier while he was pondering about how the necklace should look. Whoever had wrote it had completely seriously told of a different world, where the primary race used horn rings when proposing. Ridiculous, he remembered that he had thought, how would those without horns wear them? He brought the quilt over himself and turned over to the other side, slowly beginning to fall into the sweet realm of sleep.

Then the scream came.

And worst of all, it was a scream that came from a voice Drake knew far to well.

“PRISM!!” Drake called out loudly as he ran up on stern deck, not sure what to expect but begging to both Celestia and Luna that Colour Prism was unharmed. As he came there, he was met by several ponies lying on the floor with their hooves on top of their heads, amongst the crewponies of the ship. At the border stood three ponies Drake hadn’t seen before, and below there was another ship, one that was smaller and had sails. The most noticeable of it, however, was that it had a general ghastly look - almost as if it actually was a ghost ship that had boarded the M/S Winterwind. The captain - Iceberg, as he was called - lifted his head slightly to look into the eyes of the apparent leader of the three ponies.

“You’ll never get away with this, Wraith!” he growled to the brightly, almost sickly green unicorn stallion. “This time you have gone too far!” The unicorn, whose name was Wraith, gave off a dry laugh.

“I’d like to see you try and stop me. Bring her down, Hex.” As he gave the order, a dark sky-like blue unicorn started using telekinesis on something which until now had laid down covered by the shadows. Now however it floated up and into the ship’s lights, revealing something terrible to Drake. Hovering in the air, still wearing her dress, was Prism, her legs tied together, her mouth taped shut and a black ring put on her horn.

“No!” Drake leaped forward towards the three supposed pirate ponies, but a shout from the blue pony made him stop in his tracks.

“Hold it right there, mister! Don’t move an inch, or I’ll drop your little artist here into the sea...” As a confirmation to the threat, the blue unicorn pony moved Colour Prism away from the ship so that she was floating over the water. Drake caught Prism’s frightened gaze.

“...I love you,” he then said.

“Well, ain’t that sweet,” Wraith replied with a scornful voice. “But I believe we’re done here. Thank you all, and good night!” he then said, which was followed by a great cloud of smoke erupting from his horn. When it was finally clear again, both the pirates, their ship and Colour Prism was gone. Captain Iceberg quickly stood up and ran to the railing. The horizon was clear on each and every side of the ship.

“They... They’re gone! They couldn't just have disappeared into thin air, a teleportation spell for a whole ship is almost impossible to execute!” He turned around and looked at the earth pony who apparently had known the kidnapped mare. He had fainted.

“Nobody hurt?”

“Nobody, sir.”

“Any information received about miss Colour Prism yet?”

“No, sir.”

“And mister Drake?”

“He has awoken, although I am not completely sure whether he is in shape of answering questions, sir.” Drake silently listened to the voices outside the room. It was true, then - Colour Prism had been taken away from him. Prism, whose shimmering eyes had made Drake speechless when he first had met her. Prism, who had been his first true love... Where had she been taken - and by who? He had to know, he had to find out. The door opened and the captain walked inside together with another pony who also worked on the ship. Drake sat up in the bed.

“Captain Iceberg!” he called out. “Who were they? And where did they take Colour Prism?” Iceberg and the assistant looked at each other.

“Mr Drake... I understand you know miss Colour Prism well?“ Drake nodded. “Then, I suppose you also know that she is from a quite wealthy family? As you perhaps understood, the three ponies you saw there was pirates. I am not sure, but I believe it is their intention to demand a ransom.” Drake sat silent, anxiously staring into the void. The pieces where now starting to click into place. After a while he lifted his head and looked at Iceberg once more.

“D-do you have any idea where they might be now? You seemed to recognize one of them... What was his name again..?” Iceberg looked hesitant. Drake felt as if this was a subject the captain wasn’t happy to talk about.

“Yes...” Iceberg finally said, “I did indeed recognize him. Truth is, it would have been strange if I didn’t. That was Wraith, the captain of the Lich Clan pirates. He is one of the most wanted criminals in Equestria - there is a bounty of 30,000 bits on him. I have encountered him before,” he said and then fell silent for a moment, looking down of the floor. “Where he is now,” he then said, “I cannot tell. Supposedly, they transported themselves and the ship magically to some secret hideout, or just somewhere else on the sea.” Drake just stared at Iceberg. Had this Wraith used a teleportation spell to transport not only him and all his crew, but also that ship? Colour Prism had told him some about magic, and according to what she had said, performing a spell like that would be a very impressive task. At least, so he assumed.

“I have contacted the ships closer to us,” Iceberg continued, “and told them what has happened so that they look for the Lich Ark - the pirate ship - but truth is most with knowledge of Wraith do that anyway, so I frankly doubt it will make any difference...” Drake’s mind fell back to Prism as Iceberg ended the sentence. The questions hailed in his head like the ice shards of a blizzard, but there was no answers to be found in the snow.

“It’s time to wake up, miss.”

The bright yellow unicorn mare Colour Prism slowly opened her eyes. She had a terrible headache and also felt quite dizzy, and she understood she had until now been under the influence of a sleeping spell. She found herself lying on a few blankets in a small room, only lightened up by a couple of candles attached to the wall, and looking her in the eyes was a young, jet black earth pony.

“Who - who are you?” Prism asked and stood up, not without strain as her head was still pounding. The black pony turned around and began walking towards the door while she spoke in a pretty sulky tone.

“The name’s Eboncoat, and you are on the Lich Ark, if you wondered.” She opened the door and then turned her head towards Colour Prism. “I just came to wake you up, because the captain wants to speak with you.” She walked out and closed the door.

The Lich Ark... From where did she recognize that name? Also - how had she gotten here? She tried to concentrate on last night, but at the moment she could only remember briefly what had happened on the ship last night. Drake had told her he was tired and would go to sleep... After a while she had walked out on upper deck as well, and then... What had happened then? All she could remember was the sound of something slamming into the ship - which she now assumed had been this boat - how she suddenly couldn’t move, and then, there was something more... Prism’s reflections ended when the door opened once more, and a bright green unicorn stallion walked inside, followed by the filly who had said her name was Eboncoat. Colour Prism now noticed that her cutie mark was a heart, split in two in the middle by a crack.

“Greetings, miss Colour Prism,” the green stallion said with a smirk. “I beg to apologize for our... Violence, but me and my companions easily gets a little excited when performing something such as kidnapping a celebrity like you. I hope you understand.” Colour Prism looked somewhat startled, but she soon gained a slightly more serious look on her face.

“How would it be if you could introduce yourself first, stallion?” Colour Prism had hardly finished the sentence when the black filly had tried to launch herself towards her, but was stopped by the stallion. Her face was almost contorted by her sudden rage.

“Don’t you dare speak to captain Wraith like that, you little bitch...” she growled slowly to Colour Prism.

“Calm down, dear, she is actually right. I should have introduced myself, but as it seems my friend Eboncoat here already did that, well, sort of. Yes, my name is Wraith.” He kept the eye contact with Prism and walked closer to her, until his head only was inches away from hers. “Perhaps you have heard of me, miss Daughter of the Manehattan Police Commissioner?” Prism said nothing, but just looked into the cold turquoise eyes of the pirate pony. Yes, she had definitely heard of him, and she now remembered from where she had recognized the name of the ship - when she had been with her father Barricade on his job, she had many times heard him speak about cases involving a stallion named Wraith, although from what she could remember, the name Lich Ark had only been mentioned once or twice. In any case, from what he had said, this Wraith was not a very friendly colt. She finally nodded slowly, which Wraith responded by getting a smirk on his face and raising his head, moving it away from Colour Prism.

“And now?” Prism asked. “You’re going to ask for ransom in return for my freedom, I assume?”

“Not exactly... But you are close.” Wraith still had the sardonic smile on his face which made Prism feel somewhat anxious, even if she tried to hide it as well as she could. “In any case,” he continued, “I’m not going to contact the police commissioner yet. No, let him feel a little fear to begin with... I heard he’s really protective of you, hm? And, weren’t you on some romantic trip, with that earth pony who tried to save you? One could wonder how the commissioner will react to this...” Wraith said and gave off a chuckle as he walked out of the cabin. Eboncoat was about to follow, but then turned around to face Colour Prism once more.

“That’s right... I suppose I could tell you, that you have no reason to try and use magic. Hex Void put an obsidian spell ring on your horn when she caught you, so you might say your magic is locked for now.” She still spoke with the sulky voice of hers, but Prism had stopped listening. She was suddenly in a cold sweat, because of what Wraith had just told her. What would her father do to Drake? Barricade had always been protective of her - what if he would blame him for what had happened? She could only hope he would listen to her once she was set free and could explain. At the moment, however, she preferred not to imagine how her father had reacted.

“Now, where is that little wretch Drake?! Speak up, captain! I’ll teach him a couple of things!” The dark grey unicorn stallion Barricade had been waiting at the harbour when the M/S Winterwind came there and had immediately called for the captain to learn more exactly about what had happened to his daughter, although Iceberg suspected his fury against Drake had made it hard for him to listen.

“He is in his cabin, but please commissioner, there is something I think you need to know before you go and speak to him.” Barricade calmed down a little and looked at the captain of the ship.

“Oh? And what would that be?”

“Well, Drake... He did actually try to save miss Colour Prism - perhaps that didn’t go through completely in the message - but Wraith’s companion threatened to throw her into the ocean. There was nothing neither he, nor anypony else could do.” Barricade didn’t look very much like he had changed opinion, even if he did seem a little calmer now.

“But he did leave her alone to begin with, did he not?”

“Uh... yes, but...”

“I believe that is reason enough; what cabin is he in?”

“Number 30, but...”

“But what?” Barricade looked captain Iceberg right in the eyes, his face looking both angry and sad at the same time. “How come you feel such sympathy for him, do you even know him?” Iceberg looked more and more hesitant of what to say.

“No, not really, it’s just... Well, he seemed so grieved about miss Colour Prism being kidnapped...”

“And that I don’t?” Barricade exclaimed. “My daughter has been kidnapped, and you’re suggesting her worthless coltfriend is more sad than I am?” A deathlike silence reigned between the two stallions for a minute. “Cabin 30, you said? Thank you.” Barricade then said, and walked away towards the cabin where Drake was to be found.

“Please, mister Barricade, listen to me! There was nothing I could do, that blue unicorn threatened to throw her into the water!” Drake was desperately trying to make the enraged stallion listen, but he had only had little success so far.

“But why did you leave her alone? Why didn’t you wait for her to retire as well?”

“Well, I was tired, and... Listen. I can’t say I don’t regret walking away from her - that I do very much - but how was I supposed to have known that pirate ponies would come and kidnap her? I hardly knew there was pirate ponies at all in these days!” he said and looked into the eyes of Barricade; they where dark and filled with sorrow, his initial anger obviously drained and replaced with affliction.

“I... I am sorry, Drake,” Barricade said and first looked down on the floor, then out through the window, “It’s just... I am so afraid of what might happen to her.”

“But,” Drake said a little confused but not without compassion, “Iceberg told me the pirates kidnapped Prism to exchange her for ransom - isn’t that, in one way, something positive?” In response, the grey unicorn looked up on him, now with a more bitter look.

“That’s exactly it... I fear Wraith isn’t planning to demand bits, but something else... Something we possibly couldn’t hand over to such a criminal like him.” A sweat tear ran down on Drake’s right temple.

“Like what..?”

“...I don’t know. But Wraith isn’t like common pirate ponies. He doesn’t care much for gold, when he is raiding it is rather for more, well, exotic things, so to speak.” Drake now had the anxious look on his face once more. Barricade fetched a deep sigh. “But in any case, I don’t think it will take that long until we get a message. I know his tactics - waiting a week or two before sending the message, just to scare me, that is just what Wraith would do.” He opened the door. “See you later, kid. I’ll make sure you get to know if something important happens.”

“Wait!” Drake said and ran towards the unicorn before he had left. “Please, let me help. I... I’d do anything for Colour Prism.” The police commissioner turned around, his brown eyes examining the orange earth stallion. Drake wasn’t exactly built to be a Keeper of Safety, but in his eyes Barricade could see that the pony really meant what he had just said.

“Very well... If I find something I believe you could help us with, I’ll contact you - but let me warn you, this is not easy business.”

“I understand that. Thank you so much.”
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Re: The Lich Ark: Renegade

Inläggav Svartie » 21 mar 2012, 21:16

Läste första delen bara eftersom jag är sjuk och orkar inte mer för tillfället.
Hitta inga fel eller så förutom order Orderliness.

Inte säker om det ens är ett ord.
Men jag tycker att något annat ord skulle passa bättre.
Som kanske Honor/Class/Nobility.
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