fanfic inspirerad av en rp på min twitter

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fanfic inspirerad av en rp på min twitter

Inläggav yoyo » 01 maj 2014, 23:37

detta är en fanfic inspirerad av en väldigt lång rp jag har på twitter. den är på engelska så alla nationaliteter kan avnjuta den, bara en liten varning den är ofullständig men jag vill gärna veta vad ni tycker och anser kan bli förbättrat. :tshehe:

sunna and bluebolt,
by: yoyo

It was a quiet night in canterlot. The moon was high in the sky spreading it,s light over the city. A young pegasus named bluebolt who had just moved to canterlot from a far away land was taking a nightly stroll through the streets to get to know the city. As he passed by a park he saw somepony sitting on a park bench. He walked over to the pony and saw a horn and though,
- Hmm, it must be a unicorn.
But as bluebolt walked closer he started to see the outlines of wings on the sides of the pony. He though,
- Wings? Is it an alicorn?!
He walked up and saw it was an alicorn mare, she had a bandage on her left wing. He looked at the ground she was staring at and saw a small puddle.
- Why are you crying?
He said.
The alicorn looked up in surprise.
- What do you care?
She said.
Bluebolt saw the sadness in her eyes and asked again,
- Why are you crying?
The alicorn looked up again and said,
- I,m just lonely, that,s all.
Bluebolt felt sorry for the alicorn and said,
- Nopony should have to feel lonely.
Bluebolt hugged the alicorn mare in an attempt to comfort her. The alicorn mare blushed and said,
- Thanks, you,re sweet. What,s your name?
- Bluebolt. And your name is?
He asked.
-I,m sunna.
She said with a slight giggle.
- Well, nice to meet you sunna!
He said with a crooked smile on his lips.
Sunna explained to bluebolt how she many years ago had left the castle because of the guards teasing and picking on her, and now her wing is messed up.
- Wait, castle? guards? Where did u live sunna?
He asked abruptly.
- Well… I,m kinda celestias daughter…
She answered.
He right out yelled.
- Yes. I left because my mothers guards where constantly picking on me behind her back. I just had enough…
She said whilst almost breaking into tears.
Bluebolt knew by this time it was a sensitive subject and didn’t want to make sunna sadder than she already was. So he said,
- I,ll help you sunna. I,ll help u get ur wing into shape.
Sunna and bluebolt looked at each other with slight smiles. Sunna hugged bluebolt out of gratitude and said,
- You make my day.
as she slowly dozed of in his forehooves.
- She must have been really tired.
Bluebolt said.
Bluebolt carried sunna all the way to the hotel across the street from his apartment. He rented a room for a night and tucked sunna in the bed. She got a slight smile while he did so.
He returned to his apartment and fell asleep in his couch.
The next morning he stood by the window pointing towards the hotel entrance, he saw sunna walk out of there and look around. She didn’t see anyone and tried to take of but to no avail.
Bluebolt saw her attempt and chuckled as he thought it was kinda cute.
Sunna checked her bandages and then started running towards the marketplace.
Bluebolt turned around and was just about to use his home gym, when he heard the sound of running hooves. He looked out towards the hotel again and saw sunna running back towards the park.
Bluebolt felt worried and went down there to check on her.
When he arrived to the park he saw her sitting on the same park bench as before, crying.
He walked up to her and asked,
- What happened? Why did you run back here?
- Nothing…
She said quietly.
- Sunna, you don’t have to keep secrets from me, I,m your friend.
Bluebolt said with a comforting voice.
Sunna looked up at bluebolt and got a slight smile from hearing him say that, and said,
- I just saw some guards at the marketplace asking around for me. I didn’t know they were still looking for me, and it just made me think of how long I have been away from my mother. I miss her terribly…
-but why didn’t you tell celestia that her guards where picking on you? I,m sure she would have been furious at the guards for picking on her own daughter.
Bluebolt said.
Sunna sighed and answered,
- I was too young to know what to do. I thought the guards where gonna pick on me even more if I told anyone, I just don’t like being picked on, so I keep out of the castle as much as possible.
Bluebolt looked down at the ground for a second and said,
- Don’t you miss living the royal life too?
- Not really, I like it out here. Doing what I want when I want. I guess the only thing I miss is my mother.
She said whilst wiping the last of her tears out of her eyes.
Bluebolt knew the feeling. He loved to just walk out in the middle of the night and walk around admiring the stars. To avoid any subject that may make sunna sad again bluebolt said,
- Let,s start training that wing of yours. With my training it,ll be in flying condition in notime!
Sunna had gotten so much kind responses and favors from bluebolt, she didn’t know how to thank him. Surprising even herself she leaned over and kissed bluebolt on the cheek. Both sunna and bluebolt blushed.
- I-I…I hope it wasn’t too sudden.
Sunna said, blushing even more.
At this point bluebolts face was red as as a barn and all he could say was,
- I-I… Have a home *gulp* gym in my apartment, y-you can use that to train your wing...
Embarrassed as they both were by the kiss, they both walked side by side to bluebolts apartment. Once there bluebolt said as they climbed the stairs,
- Just a bit of a warning it might be pretty messy.
- Messy? How do you mean?
She asked.
- Well I haven’t really been cleaning for the last few days...
He said.
- I,m sure it,s not that bad.
Sunna said with a slight smile.
Once they opened bluebolts apartment door a cloud of dust struck sunna in the face and she coughed slightly.
Looking into bluebolts apartment sunna could see everything was perfectly sorted but covered with dust.
- Maybe I can help you clean for a bit first?
She asked looking jokingly towards bluebolt.
- Oh ha ha ha, so funny,
He said whilst walking past sunna into the apartment.
- If there,s one thing I,ve learned from flight practice as a filly, it,s that even the slightest breeze can blow away dust.
He proudly said whilst opening the balcony doors and then walking back to the entrance.
He stood up on his hind legs and started flapping his wings creating storm like winds. As soon as the dust was struck by this wind it was forced with it out through the balcony doors. Once all the dust was blown outside he quickly ran out on the balcony and yelled,
- heads up for dust!!
As he then closed the balcony doors, Sunna walked over to the dumbbells and started feeling the weights to try and find one that suited her. Whilst she was doing that bluebolt walked over to a shelf with cds and asked,
- What kind of music do you like? Anything with tombstone?
Sunna dropped the weight she was currently holding in surprise and almost yelled,
- You like the living tombstone?
As bluebolt turned on September by tombstone and micthemicrophone he said,
- Ehh... who doesn’t?
Sunna looked down suddenly and said,
- My-my mother...
She picked up the weight and put it back in it,s place.
Bluebolt wanted sunna to stop being so sad and was prepared to do almost anything to do so. He asked,
- What do u say we go out for a bit to eat? I know a great place just around the corner, they aren’t very known but the food is great.
Sunna was also tired of constantly thinking of her mother so she agreed to go out and eat.
They left the apartment building and walked to the restaurant, bluebolt held the door open for sunna as she walked in, she picked a table in the middle of the room. As they where about to sit down bluebolt held sunnas chair out for her as he said,
- I might be messy but I am a gentlepony.
- And a fine one at that,
She added
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Re: fanfic inspirerad av en rp på min twitter

Inläggav Laddercat » 04 maj 2014, 20:54

Jag tror inte att allt kom med. Kan du inte ladda upp den på en fanfic-sida och länka den här? Då blir det nog sköanre att läsa. Jag har inte kollat på den ännu.
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Re: fanfic inspirerad av en rp på min twitter

Inläggav yoyo » 05 maj 2014, 11:19

Den e inte klar än, den är ett wip, work in progress, jag ville bara veta vad ni tycker om det jag har hittills.
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Re: fanfic inspirerad av en rp på min twitter

Inläggav Laddercat » 05 maj 2014, 19:51

Okej. Men det blir mycket skönare att läsa om det lägs upp på en fanfic-sida. Här så avbryts varje rad och jag kan inte komma in i texten för att jag helt enkelt kastas ur vid varje radbyte.
What's a webpage? Something ducks walk on?
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